Getting Started with Global Talk


What you need


All you will need to get started with Global Talk is:

a headset


a webcam

Member Registration

1. 新規会員登録ページで情報入力
1. Entering Information on the New Members Registration Page



When you first register as a member, type in your e-mail address and password, and click the register button. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address which you enter.

To confirm registration, click on the URL that is in the body of the e-mail. You have now completed member registration, and can begin registering more specific information.

2. マイページにログイン
2. Log in My Page


After completing member registration, the next step is to log into your My Page profile. When you log in, you can see updates and notifications from administration. Please check this page regularly as information is updated often.

3. プロフィール登録
3. Profile Registration


To fill out profile information, log in and click the [edit] button on the upper left of My Page. Content that you fill in will serve as a reference for teachers. More detailed information can help teachers use lesson time more effectively.

Note: The Skype ID that you register here will be used for the lessons, so please make sure that the information is correct.

Booking Lessons

1. 講師を選ぶ
1. Choose a Teacher



You can register a lesson from [Book by Time] or [Book by Teacher] on your Main Page.
Many of the teachers registered are experienced and have a well rounded teaching background, so you will have no trouble finding a teacher who would be a good fit for your goals.
You can choose your teacher from the Teachers List Page here.

You can choose from the times that are best for you. Improving your English is a great way to make use of open spots in your schedule.

2. レッスンを予約
2. Book a Lesson


  • 予約は、レッスン開始時間の24時間前まで可能です
  • キャンセルは、レッスン開始時間の3時間前であれば課金対象外となります
  • 3時間以降のキャンセルは、課金対象となりますのでご注意ください

Once you have chosen a teacher, you can book a lesson on an open time slot on that teacher's schedule. These open time slots are shown in the blue boxes. When you click one, a confirmation page appears. After checking all important points, if there are no problems, click [confirm booking]. When you confirm and finalize the booking, you will be taken to a new page. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail so please be sure to check it.
Informing the teacher in advance of what you would like to work on in the lesson helps maximize the benefit of the 30 minute lesson. (eg. if you would like to do pronunciation practice, work on self introductions in business situations, etc)
If you do not have enough points for a lesson, you can go to [purchace points] on the left-hand menu and purchase more points.

  1. Bookings can be made as late as three hours before lesson starts.
  2. If lessons are cancelled at least three hours before the lesson, there is no charge for that lesson.
  3. Warning: For cancellations made less than three hours prior to the lesson, the lesson charge applies.

Lesson Start

1. 通話テスト
1. Test Call

  1. レッスン開始の10分前までに、Skypeを立ち上げて、必ずヘッドセット(マイク)とWEBカメラの接続テストを行いましょう。Skypeを立ち上げ、メニュー[ヘルプ]より通話音質ガイドを選択し、サウンドチェックウィザードにてご確認いただけます。
  2. 開始時間の5分前にはSkypeを「オンライン」に立ち上げてください。(※レッスン本番と一緒です。開始時間に遅れないように!)
  1. Open Skype and do a headset (mic) and webcam connection test at least 10 minutes before the lesson starts. This can be done with the Sound Check Wizard. After after starting up Skype, go to "Help" from the Menu, and the Sound Check Wizard is found in the Call Sound Quality guide.
  2. Set your Skype status to "online" five minutes before the start time. As with lessons in person, don't be late!

2. レッスン開始!
2. Lesson Start!


When it's time for the lesson, the teacher will be the one to make the call. Click to answer the call and the lesson begins. Go about the lesson as you would in person and do your best!

After Finishing

When the Lesson is Completed


After finishing a lesson, we ask that you do a Lesson Completion Report from Lesson History. Lessons that you have completed are shown on a lessons list. You can send your comments and evaluation to the teacher, which will be helpful for any subsequent lessons with that teacher.